The Left’s Hate for ICE Turns Violent in City of Brotherly Love

There is a preposterous and pedantic dialogue occurring every day on the left side of American politics regarding immigration, and exactly what a “nation of laws” should truly stand for.

You see, the bleeding heart liberals are obsessed with something known as “equality of outcome”, a phrase being made famous today by a man named Jordan Peterson.  Peterson has been traveling around the country attempting to explain to Americans that equality and equality of outcome are not the same.  Not at all.  In fact, striving for the latter has universally been a terrible idea for mankind, and Peterson is trying to save us from that.

On the other side of the argument, however, is the liberal left who believe very literally in installing at least some communist tenets into our global society.

What these people forget is that communism was a far more dangerous and deadly plague on humanity than Hitler and the Nazis would ever have amounted to.  (This is in no way a defense of either side, as they were both horrific abominations.   Besides, I’m a nihilibertarian – I don’t even need to acknowledge the choices you make until they personally effect me).

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So when the left pushes for their open borders, and the dumbing down of what it means to be American, to work for that – it’s an offense to those of us who rightfully cherish sovereignty from governments, both foreign and domestic.  That is precisely why the events occurring in Philadelphia this week were so disturbing:

Police got into violent scuffles with protesters in Philadelphia on Tuesday, reportedly hauling away at least a dozen people who had been blocking the front door of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office.

Philadelphia Police started directing the protesters away from the Center City office around noon Tuesday, but some of the removals turned violent. Video footage broadcast on local news stations showed some of the protesters scuffling with police. The exact number of arrests was not immediately clear.

Having a beautiful office can actually increase your productivity as it becomes a place where you love to work.

“You said if we took the tents down you would arrest nobody. But you still arrested people what the f— is wrong with you?” one of the protesters tells police in a video clip.

“You have no shame. You have no words. That’s why you are a f—— cop. That’s why you never finished high school,” the protester continued.

Real class act, these guys.

The idea of abolishing ICE is similar to the idea of burning down the restaurant you work at because you got stiffed by one table:  It’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and the left isn’t interested in coming to terms with that anytime soon.

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