The Left’s Attacks on Brett Kavanugh SKEWERED By Slick Twitter Wordsmiths

Liberals have been going absolutely insane since President Trump announced that Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be his pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Of course, liberals going insane isn’t exactly news, but some of the unbelievable “scandals” they’ve been trying to cook up have made the news.

Responding to the left’s insanity, a number of Twitter users began posting sarcastic messages on Twitter mocking the alleged “scandals” being pushed by the unhinged left, using the hashtag #BrettKavanaughScandals.

Here’s just a few samples:

Oh, the inhumanity…

Will the horrors never end?

Oh no!

Kavanaugh, by the way, happens to be Catholic, something which seemed to bother the propagandists at CNN.

That does it… It’s clearly the end of Western Civilization as we know it.

Clearly doing the work of Satan… As Clint Eastwood once said in the 1983 movie Sudden Impact, “Nobody, I mean NOBODY puts ketchup on a hot dog.”


Now that’s absolutely the last straw…

And the topper? Try this:

There’s a whole lot more like this, here, but be warned — don’t read these tweets while drinking hot coffee.

Trust us on this…

Meanwhile, contributor Susan Swift reminds us:

Posted by Conservative Firing Line on Monday, July 9, 2018

Exit question: How long before New York Senator Chuck Schumer uses these tweets in his war against Judge Kavanaugh?


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