School Shooting

The Left Has Created A Cottage Industry From the Deaths of Children

For those of you who have not yet seen the news, yet another school shooting has occurred in the United States today, this time at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

The event itself is still under investigation at this hour, making details about the incident still fairly sparse.

A Texas high school student unleashed a hail of bullets inside one of his classes early Friday morning, gunning down eight to 10 people, police said.

The suspected shooter was taken into police custody and a second suspect has been detained. The suspect in custody and the suspect detained for further questioning were both students.

In addition to the 8-10 students who have already perished, a number of explosive devices have been discovered in the immediate vicinity of the school, with investigators undoubtedly considering these two incidents to be linked.

More details about the incident are sure to be made public in the coming hours and days, but we’ll take a wild guess here:  White, male student, considered a loner, possibly already on the radar of local law enforcement, and almost certainly under the influence of prescription drugs in the SSRI class.

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Why do I feel so confident about making this assumption?  Simply because this has been the M.O. of nearly every mass shooter in American history since the advent of antidepressants, (which is pretty much every mass shooter in American history).  One of the few exceptions to this rule was Stephen Paddock of Las Vegas infamy, whose timeline and history have been an oddly well-guarded secret among local law enforcement.  His secret life as an arms dealer has likely forced the authorities to play his case a little close to the chest, and if we ever do learn the whole story there, I highly doubt it will be what we think.

Now, here comes the extremely ugly part:  The left’s massive cottage industry that they’ve built to extract political power from tragedies such as this is about to go into overdrive.

Coming just months after a mental illness-induced rampage in Florida, this shooting in Texas is just the thing to prolong the flash-in-the-pan careers of young men such as David Hogg, who will be retiring in 40-some years with the money he makes in his “activism” in the late part of the 2010’s.

Furthermore, like the bootleg t-shirt vendors that you see 2 blocks away from a concert venue, the left will become oddly entrepreneurial while standing on the graves of these dead children…again.

We will see massive marches, demonstrations, protest-travel, hotel stays, gasoline purchases, etc.  The “movement” is a demographic, and organizers are certainly quoting the economic impact of these demonstrations when applying for permits.  Cities around the country, including the small town of Sante Fe, Texas, will see hotel clerks working overtime to accommodate reporters, protestors, and agitators alike.

Someone in Donald Glover’s camp is secretly cheering as well, realizing that today’s tragedy will only boost the message and popularity of his controversial “This Is America” music video as well.

Comedian Bill Hicks, who was famous for railing against the almighty marketing machinations of our nation, would have called the left to the carpet for going after the “dead-kid dollar”, as he did with so many other misguided monetary opportunities.  The difference between the Bill Hicks’ era and today, however, is that the mainstream media has put a faux-quarantine on this sort of truth, and I will surely be lambasted for the insinuation.

[Warning:  There is a whole lot of marginal language in this clip.]

To that I say:  We live in a world of love and of tragedy.  The only thing we possess that balances the two is reality, and our ability to discern the truth about these issues.  By browbeating those with whom you disagree, you do yourself a disservice in the knowledge department.

Do not let the left bludgeon us with their suitcases full of dead-kid dollars.  If we can stop them from weaponizing the deaths of American children, they will have only the truth to fight us with…and that is a fight that they cannot win.

Until that battle comes, we pray for Texas.

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