The Deplorables



Hillary calls Trump’s followers a basket of deplorables. It’s actually more like an Easter basket of serious, self-reliant people who want to make America great.  Trump is giving Easter egg gifts to the world by freeing us from Obama’s stupid Muslim sympathy and returning us to Judeo-Christian rule.

This is not prejudice.  It is distinguishing good from bad, evil from good, peace from violence….

Hillary literally calls half of Trump supporters racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobes.

Sticks and stones…. Yet Trump has not broken any bones. Unlike Hillary, he has not killed four Americans in Benghazi. He has not accepted monies into a Foundation for people who honor kill their daughters and throw gays off buildings.

As for Islamophobes, I am a proud one.  Every week you see them decapitating and burning people. If I were around during WWII I would have been a Naziphobe. Don’t forget that Muslims were their allies.

I look down the block and miss the World Trade Towers. I get sick when Hillary and Obama speak up for the peaceful nature of killer Muslims.

Trump has not allowed pay for play from women haters who cover their females in burqas. That was Hillary when she headed up the State Department.

And even it were true that Trump’s supporters said racist or sexist things, language is not action, chatter is not deed.

I am sick of the accusations of racism.  A month ago some pro fighters at my gym accused me of being a racist. I have had black friends my whole life.  Even in the early sixties when it was not popular.  Racism is the cheapest insult to throw around.  In the eighties I gave black sparring partners make-believe jobs in my insurance business so that they could have income. Calling me a racist was mindless and stupid.

I had published an article about blacks beating up a 60-year-old white man in Ferguson that aggravated two blacks in my gym.  They didn’t understand that I was protecting the blacks from their own violent element. 

I am so bored by miscalculations of racism by reverse racists. Why don’t they try to do something productive with their lives rather than spread paranoia about the way other’s treat them?

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