The Dems Voted to Take Health Insurance Away from 2 Million People on Wednesday

If the media weren’t so sold out to the Democrat Party, Wednesday’s headlines would have screamed that the Democrats voted to take away healthcare insurance from 2 million Americans. That is, indeed, the facts as far as American Commitment president Phil Kerpen is concerned.

Kerpen, who runs American Commitment, an American free-market policy group based in Washington D.C., took to twitter this week to scold the liberal media and to alert America to the Democrat Party’s latest perfidy on healthcare.

First of all, you’ll recall that over the last two years the Republican Party has utterly failed to repeal Obamacare even though they have the majority. Kerpen admits that, but also notes that by repealing the individual mandate, the GOP essentially gutted Obama’s take over of the nation’s healthcare industry.

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“But they succeeded in repealing its corrupt beating heart — the individual mandate — in tax reform,” he said of the GOP’s efforts.

Kerpen went on to describe what happened this week in a Twitter thread that is a must read:

Here’s the state of play on health care.

The GOP failed to deliver on its longstanding promise to repeal Obamacare due to John McCain’s dramatic last minute thumbs down.

But they succeeded in repealing its corrupt beating heart — the individual mandate — in tax reform.

That made Obamacare voluntary. But there was a problem. There were very few non-Obamacare plans available, because a 2016 Obama regulation had deliberately crippled them.

That 2016 Obama regulation slashed the duration of Obamacare-exempt so-called “short-term, limited duration plans” from one year to three months and banned them from being renewable.


Because people were flocking to them, even though they would have to pay the individual mandate penalty tax. They were that much cheaper and better than junk Obamacare plans, with sky-high premiums and deductibles and narrow provider networks that exclude the best hospitals.

So Trump asked HHS to repeal the 2016 Obamacare rule and they did. Obamacare-exempt plans are finally legal again, can be written for up to 364 days at a time, renewed for up to three years…

… and can now be paired with a premium guarantee product to guarantee a successor policy after three years, without any risk of a premium increase because you get sick.

So if you like your non-Obamacare plan you can keep it, without paying more, even if you get sick.

So who would say no to consumers having more choices, with lower premiums, guaranteed renewability without medical underwriting, and potentially better provider networks?

To 2 million people presently uninsured getting covered?

Democrats. Democrats who want to force everyone into Obamacare’s one-size-fits-all approach.

Yesterday every Senate Democrat voted for Tammy Baldwin’s resolution to reimpose Obama’s 2016 regulations crippling non-Obamacare health plans.

It’s Obamacare uber alles with them.

If the media weren’t on the Democrats’ side, the headline would have been: “Senate Democrats Vote to Take Health Care Away from 2 Million People”!

Every Senate Democrat voted to sink the lifeboats helping people escape Obamacare.

Of course, they wanted Obamacare to be mandatory, but if it can’t be mandatory, they are committed to making sure no other choices exist!

Kerpen then linked to a Cato report that explains that Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) would rescind the Trump administration’s final rule on “short-term limited duration insurance.” Also the report notes that nearly every Senate Democrat has cosponsored the Baldwin resolution because they believe it would protect consumers. “It would do exactly the opposite,” Cato says.

In short, the Democrat plan would:

  • would increase the number of uninsured.
  • would reduce protections for the sick.
  • would not reduce ObamaCare premiums and could increase them.
  • would make short-term plans less comprehensive.
  • would gut conscience protections.
  • would not protect people with preexisting conditions
  • is pure symbolism.
  • is terrible politics.

Go on over to Cato to read the full explanation for each bullet point.

So, there you have it. The Democrats once again show that controlling your life is their goal, not healthcare.

Here is the Twitter thread in its entirety:

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