The Comey Theory

A lot of people are attacking James Comey, but I think his decisions were strange but sound.

Comey fell on his sword months ago to save the FBI from the consequences of having to charge Hillary Clinton mid campaign. If he had charged Clinton, then Loretta Lynch would have dismissed the case and destroyed the evidence. Lynch openly said she would do that! To go around, Lynch to a Grand Jury would have just gotten Comey sacked and landed the FBI at the centre of the Second American civil war. People were predicting battles in the streets of Washington.

Comey made it about himself, protected the evidence against Clinton from the shredder Lynch had brought into the Justice department loading dock that week. Comey’s intentional mistake in law means he avoided acquittal or double jeopardy for Clinton. Hillary Clinton can now be charged.

He transferred most duties to deputies and fell on his sword AND nobody sacked him!  He has been trying to figure out what to do next ever since. There really is no instruction manual for someone that survives political suicide. He took the blame and he did this first when Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum died. It’s a clear pattern.

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Comey is all about protecting the FBI and the intelligence gatherings capabilities of the government. He does not believe that law enforcement is possible at all in the age of cryptology without intercepts, ‘wire taps’, decrypting cell phones and sting operations (I happen to agree; it is a big problem). He has said that publicly. He must protect that. He has succeeded to some extent. He took a position that both flagged corruption while also blocking it. In the process, he focused attacks away from the FBI’s capability or culpability and made it about him.

Trump finally sacked him, but there will be little damage to the FBI. It will be reformed, but it won’t lose those powers. It was always politicized; caught in the middle of the battle between the two political parties. By alienating both, intentionally, he broke that for a while. Neither will trust the FBI enough to use it unjustly for political purposes.

He could not have resigned. That would have not protected the FBI. He had to be sacked after everyone had called for it. After Neil Gorsuch was sworn in. That was key to the process. It had to be Trump just after Hillary Clinton had called for it, i.e. it had to be this week. Comey would not have been truly surprised.

James Comey is not being evasive or erratic he was being a decoy. It’s worked.

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