The 5 Wildest Images From Hawaii’s Volcanic Nightmare!

While the Washington Swamp continues to churn out toxic bloom after toxic bloom of Beltway algae, Americans some 4,800 miles away, Americans are facing a calamity of a much more urgent nature.

Hawaii, normally a tropical paradise on everyone’s bucket list, has been transformed in recent days into a nightmare of ash, fire, lava, and sulfur as Mount Kilauea begins what looks to be a lengthy eruption event.  Local authorities are helpless to stem the tide of the encroaching Hell, and there are some concerns over a massive tsunami event being triggered by an enormous landslide on the island state’s eastern edge.

In our modern world of connectivity, this sort of event doesn’t occur without plenty of access to the experience, and this once-in-a-lifetime eruption is being captured by locals and tourists alike in remarkable ways.

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