Barbara Bush

The 5 Most Vile Liberal Reactions to The Passing of Barbara Bush

Let’s face it:  The radical left has long been angry for the sake of being angry, and their desire to be seen as “edgy” has completely decimated any semblance of tack or decorum that they had left.

For instance, we have the unbelievable actions of CNN host and former “D-list” celebrity Kathy Griffin, who was seen posing with a photorealistic prop of a decapitated Donald Trump’s head in order to get attention.

Kathy Griffin
Not okay.

It is this aversion to class that has led us down a dark and disturbing path in this country, with tension between the right and the left reaching a fever pitch.

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Now, after the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, an incredibly successful diplomat and a timeless visage of civility, the left is once again cranking up their hate-mongering and taking to Twitter in a lame attempt to one-up each other making offensive comments about this saintly matriarch.

Here are just 5 of the most heinous things being shared so far, just hours after the announcement of the former First Lady’s passing…

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