ALL That’s Wrong With the NFL: Raiders Marshawn Lynch Sits for U.S. Anthem, Stands for Mexican Anthem

From Ben Volin's Twitter Page

Last weekend, as the National Football League pretended to celebrate the armed forces, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch remained seated during the American national anthem.

That was bad enough, of course, but the game was being played in Mexico, and as the Mexican anthem rang out, this anti-American millionaire actually stood at attention for their song! This incident is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the NFL.

On Sunday, November 19, the Raiders and the Patriots went to Mexico City for their Week 11 game and Week 11 had a theme. The game was played at the end of the week the NFL called its “Salute to Service” week. The week was set to coincide with Veterans Day, which was November 11.

The league started its “Salute to Service” week with a pretty disgusting video ad. It was filled with some of the worst league protesters pretending that they care about our soldiers. The video featured the Seattle Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin, the Tennessee Titans’ Delanie Walker, and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, and Chris Long. All four of these players have embraced the anti-American protests all year long. And these are the players the NFL put forward as “caring” about our troops, even after they’ve spent all year protesting against them.

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With that as a backdrop, Marshawn Lynch went to Mexico at the tail of the “Salute to Service” week and once again disrespected the United States, and THIS time on he did so foreign soil.

Lynch has not stood for the “Star Spangled Banner” all year, and he continued his protest in Mexico for Week 11. But as the American national anthem ended, Lynch bumped his protest up a notch. Since the game was being played in Mexico, they played the Mexican national anthem, too. It was then that Lynch took his disrespect for the U.S. to the next level. After remaining seated for the U.S. anthem, Lynch then stood at attention for the Mexican anthem in Mexico’s Azteca Stadium.

The unimaginable gall of this punk. He has been made a millionaire by Americans and in a land that has made thousands of other African Americans rich and famous beyond belief. And he not only disrespects America during the anthem, he then stands for the anthem of one of the most dangerous, murderous, and corrupt nations on the planet.

Meanwhile, as the left-wing Huffington Post recently noted, Mexico never recognized it even had black citizens until the year 2016. That’s right, Mexico never had a category in its national census for blacks until just last year! So, since forever, the country’s black citizens, of which there is 1.38 million today, were simply not officially recognized as black.

So, this was the country that the African American Marshawn Lynch honored by standing for its anthem. A country that had never even deigned to recognize its black citizens in all its history until just last year!

President Donald Trump was exactly right when he Tweeted that the NFL should have suspended Lynch for his ignorance.

The truth is, this whole continuing anti-American mess is no less than the fault of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Oh, sure, last month Goodell expressed the thought that all players should stand for the anthem, but while trying to have it both ways, he also said he’d do nothing to force them to do so.

So, with all that it shouldn’t be surprising that the NFL’s ratings are crashing. The league’s TV ratings are off nearly 20 percent over that of 2016 and the networks are known to have lost up to $500 million in ad revenue. But while 20 percent seems like a lot over the 2016 season, that number is only half the 40 percent the league has lost over the 2015 season.

The NFL’s liberal slant is also dragging down the nearly 40-year-old sports cable network ESPN, too. As I noted at Breitbart yesterday, ESPN is preparing to cut another 100 or more employees, a slashing of the workforce that comes only months after over 100 were cut in April.

If I may quote myself without sounding gauche (ha, ha):

The continued layoffs should come as no surprise. The network has steadily lost ground and profitability, losing over 10,000 subscribers a month while forced to pay billions in broadcast fees levied by the various national leagues. ESPN also has reportedly lost more than 13 million subscribers over the last five years.

According to Sporting News, ESPN lost $1 billion in affiliate revenues after losing those 13 million subscribers since 2010.

ESPN has become a major drag on owner Disney Corp, too, dragging down profits for the Mouse House quarter after quarter.

One has to wonder when the world of professional sports is going to wake up and smell the apple pie, see the red, white, and blue, and stand for the danged national anthem?

Will they have to lose everything before they get their epiphany?

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