Thanks to Obama, California is Engulfed in Forest Fires

California is once again engulfed in wild fires, but it turns out they are all the worse because of the disastrous environmental policies of the Obama administration.

According to The New York Times, California has been engulfed in flames since 2012!

“Since 2012, according to state emergency management officials, there has not been a month without a wildfire burning — a stark contrast to previous decades, when fire officials saw the fall and winter as a time to plan and regroup,” the paper wrote at the end of July.

Naturally, the left imagines that the reason there have been so many wild fires since 2012 is because of its favorite, catch-all excuse, “climate change.”

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But, as Daily Wire reported, there is a more truthful answer: it’s Obama.

As California burns, many Californians have been asking why the dramatic increase in wildfires in the last five years? Except for Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Brown claims that devastating fires are the “new normal.” Supporting Obama-era regulations have resulted in the new normal: an endless and devastating fire season.

Under Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, “the Obama administration finalized a rule governing the management of 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands, establishing a new blueprint to guide everything from logging to recreation and renewable energy development,” The Washington Post reported in 2012. “The rule will serve as the guiding document for individual forest plans, which spell out exactly how these lands can be used.”

These Obama-era regulations introduced excessive layers of bureaucracy that blocked proper forest management and increased environmentalist litigation and costs — a result of far too many radical environmentalists, bureaucrats, Leftist politicians and judicial activists who would rather let forests burn than let anyone thin out overgrown trees or let professional loggers harvest usable timber left from beetle infestation, or selectively cut timber.

Liberals imagine that they are saving dah earf by preventing forestry service personnel from thining out the brush to prevent the piling up what becomes kindling in a forest fire situation.

That is exactly what the Obama administration ended up doing; making rules to prevent forestry services from making sure all that brush could be taken out and was allowed to pile up causing a fire hazard. And it was 2012 that the Obama administration struck by doing a complete overhaul of the regulations controlling the policies.

Again, Daily Wire noted:

In 2015, Washington D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, an Obama appointee, rejected claims from a coalition of timber, livestock, and off-highway vehicle organizations that the Obama sustainability provisions in the 2012 Planning Rule would cause an economically harmful reduction in timber harvest and land use and an increase in forest fires. “Defendants Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center and Oregon Wild, represented by the Western Environmental Law Center, as well as The Wilderness Society and Defenders of Wildlife, represented by Earthjustice, argued that existing federal law provided ample authority for the Forest Service to promulgate the Planning Rule provisions, which place emphasis on ecologically sustainable forest management,” Earthjustice reported.

As with the Clinton administration in the 1990’s, the Obama administration worked against all drilling, mining, ranching, farming, property ownership, and made it happen through the 2012 eco-terrorism regulations.

So, thanks to Obama’s meddling in Forest Service regulations, we’ve had massively destructive forest fires day in and day out size 2012.

Indeed, the Carr fire destroyed thousand of acres and killed two people. But even worse has been the Mendocino fire, according to Fortune magazine.

Another major wildfire is tearing through California and it’s growing at a phenomenal pace. The Mendocino Complex Fire jumped creeks, firelines and roads this weekend, and is already the second-largest wildfire in the state’s history, as judged by acres burned.

As of Monday morning, the blaze has consumed 273,664 acres and destroyed 75 homes, as well as 68 other structures, according to Cal Fire, the California agency responsible for fire protection. It has not resulted in any fatalities to date.

It’s a virtual certainty the fire will become the state’s largest wildfire in history in the coming days, as last December’s Thomas fire, claimed 281,893 acres.

Californians certainly love their Obama, granted. But, will they thank him for the gift he is truly responsible for giving them?

Probably not.

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