Terrorist Group Hezbollah Admits They Get Their Money From Obama’s Buddies

Who says Barack Obama has no accomplishments.  According to Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah on Friday, he doesn’t worry about U.S. sanctions against Lebanese banks who deal with his terrorist groups, they get all their money, weapons, etc., from the U.S. President’s buddies in the terrorist regime of Iran. And thanks to the nuclear deal Obama shoved down the throats of Americans, Iran’s had a fresh influx of at least $100 billion dollars to share with groups like Hezbollah.

In a speech broadcast by the Shiite party’s Al-Manar station, Nasrallah brushed off assertions that Hezbollah would be hurt by US sanctions on Lebanese financial institutions that work with the group.

“We do not have any business projects or investments via banks,” Nasrallah said, insisting the group “will not be affected.”

“We are open about the fact that Hezbollah’s budget, its income, its expenses, everything it eats and drinks, its weapons and rockets, are from the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

In December, the US Congress voted to impose sanctions on banks that deal with Hezbollah, considered a “terrorist group” by the US. And last month, Lebanon’s central bank instructed the country’s banks and financial institutions to comply with the new measure against the Lebanese Shiite group.

But none of that really matters:

“We totally reject this [U.S.] law until the Day of Judgment. … Even if the law is applied, we as a party and an organizational and jihadi movement, will not be hurt or affected,”

Nasrallah said: “As long as Iran has money, we have money… Just as we receive the rockets that we use to threaten Israel, we are receiving our money. No law will prevent us from receiving it…”

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