The Best Memes from the Obama Years [PHOTOS]

As we approach the final seven months of the Obama Presidency its important to look back to remember what we were stuck with since 2009 especially before we pick a new president.

Today we take a look at the people who helped Barack Obama run the country. As they say pictures are worth 1,000 words therefore these 12 pictures are the equivalent of 12,000 words. Technically not all of the below are memes but all these pictures and/or captions were created by the sick mind of mine. In some cases these were created from two different images fused together, others involved a bit of photoshop, and there are some that were traditional memes, hope you enjoy:

Today Obama gave a speech that ripped Donald Trump’s immigration policy, proving once again that Trump is already living in a special place in the White House.


During his Presidency Obama always worked hard to add people to his cabinet who will be well-recognized by the voting public, beginning with his Attorney General:


Of course the first Secretary of State Chosen by Obama was also famous (especially when tornadoes were approaching):



Enjoy the Rest of the Hilarious Meme-ories at the Lid…


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