Texas Teacher Posts Viral Video Shooting the President and Screaming “Die”

America’s public school system ain’t what it used to be, in more ways than one. In recent days all of the focus has been on the sad (and seemingly ever worsening) decline of America’s public education rankings. But perhaps we should focus just as much attention on the cultural decline within our public schools as we do our academic decline (I would argue that the two are connected). The educators leading our schools are so hopelessly (and sometimes mindlessly) devoted to their liberal masters that they’ve lost their ability to act rationally.

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Case in point? A teacher in a Dallas, Texas public school who recently posted a video of herself on Instagram. The video went viral for all the WRONG reasons.

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From Townhall:

The video was captioned with “Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…. #no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday”.

It’s unclear if there were students in the classroom at the time and it is also unclear as to who took the video. It was posted by the teacher on her personal Instagram. According to Gateway Pundit, the Secret Service is aware of the video.

What happened to the day and time when the Inauguration was a sacred event proving that the American system is the greatest political system ever devised by men? The only system the world has ever known where power has shifted between political parties dozens of time, and each time (except one) bloodlessly. We are the most diverse nation to ever flourish on the face of the earth, and yet we are also the most united and unaggressively patriotic people as well. No nation has ever known our prosperity; none has ever dreamed of our wealth, none has ever experienced our success, growth, peace, or advance.

Sadly, as our culture degrades, so to does every aspect of our national exceptionalism. What were once the best schools on the planet, now struggle to maintain an “average” status. The economies of much smaller and more backward nations now surge to meet ours. Our military is left to cannibalize its own inventory while our adversaries develop new and ever advancing technology.

Could these two issues be connected? Is this teacher’s disgraceful behavior evidence of our education system’s collapse, or has our education system collapsed because we’ve allowed it to be populated with leaders like this?


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