Texas Takes Common Sense Route on Transgender Bathrooms

Liberals have found an effective new strategy to garner votes in America, but Texas has seen right through it.

In order to maintain what little dignity the democratic party has left, the leftists and progressives in the organization are reaching out to the very fringes of American society in order to court those votes.  While this seems like a solid, reactionary plan for an ever shifting demographic of voters, what the left is truly doing is a lot more worrisome.

Instead of working in a reactionary manner to appease these fringe groups, the left is drumming up the troubles themselves in order to galvanize these Americans, and then court them solely for their vote.  There is no bigger scheme here, no moral high road that the democrats are dancing down.  The reason the left embraces the corners of society is simply to get elected and stay elected.

One of the most poignant examples of this tactic came to us in late 2016, as former President Barack Obama began working day in and day out on an issue that no one was asking him to work on:  What bathrooms should transgender people use?  In reality, this was a non-issue.  Transgendered Americans were doing what they felt was right, and there was no massive national outcry regarding it.  But Obama persisted, and eventually worked to galvanize these Americans by angering the moral majority in our nation.  Obama declared that, in public schools across the country, anyone could use any bathroom at any time.

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Of course, this complete objection to our core common sense infuriated many Americans, but that was the point.  Those who lashed out against the dangerous and strange decree only further incensed the transgender community, solidifying their determination to vote for Hillary Clinton.  The timing of the declaration was the biggest tell, as it had everything to do with Hillary Clinton’s slipping poll numbers.

Now, the routinely defiant state of Texas has taken up the issue in typical Lone Star fashion.

“A ‘bathroom bill’ proposed in Texas passed the state’s House on Monday. It would require transgender students at public and charter schools to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender of birth, not the gender of their choice.

“The bill may allow for children with gender identity issues, or even privacy issues, to use a separate, single-occupancy restroom.

“The Texas House approved the legislation proposed by Republican’s in a 94-50 vote. The bill moves on to the Texas Senate for approval, which is also under GOP control.

“The measure would require all public schools, including open-enrollment charter schools, to direct students to use their birth gender to determine which bathroom and locker room to use.”

While opponents of the bill will likely continue to gain support on their bandwagon, due to the polarizing effect of the issue, many Americans will continue to agree that allowing boys and girls to intermingle in high schools with their clothes off is not exactly conducive to a well-mannered academia.  Texas, while possibly facing a tongue-lashing by democrats and progressives alike, has eased the minds of many students, and their parents, who are already working overtime in an effort to keep their adolescents out of hormonal nightmare scenarios.



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