Look at What Texas is Doing in Response to Obama’s Transgender Directive

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is ordering the state’s school superintendents not to comply with Obama’s transgender directive – which ordered schools across the nation to allow people to use the restroom consistent with their “gender identity.” Federal education funds would be withheld from noncompliant states.

In a public statement regarding the White House’s transgender directive, Dan Patrick indicated that he is not only ordering his state’s schools not to comply with the federal guidelines on school restrooms, but is also calling for the resignation of one Texas school superintendent Kent Scribner for implementing those guidelines. The Lieutenant Governor said in a statement:

“No policy as significant as this should ever be created and put into action unilaterally without consultation with parents and a superintendent’s elected bosses. A school district is not a monarchy and Scribner is not a king… Once again I call on this superintendent to resign or be fired if he does not immediately pull-down his policy…

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“I am also sending a letter to all Texas school districts this week urging them not to adopt President Obama’s transgender guidelines which do not have the force of law.”

Dan Patrick said that the Obama Administration’s transgender directive is tantamount to blackmail:

“The President’s threat of withholding federal funds is just a threat. By standing together we will demonstrate Texas will not be threatened or blackmailed by a policy that doesn’t make sense and puts our girls and women at risk… We will not be blackmailed by 30 pieces of silver by the president of the United States… The president will be taking food off the table of the poorest of the poor, if he wants to punish schools — that’s why I call it blackmail. So this fight is just beginning.”

The Daily Caller pointed out that “of the $10 billion in federal funds Texas received over a two-year period, approximately 40 to 45 percent goes toward free or reduced lunch for needy students.”

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