Texas’ House Speaker Facing Massive Backlash, Could Be Replaced Over RINO Status

There is a political war brewing in the Texas state legislature, as the Speaker of the House has opposed the governor’s conservative policies.

Speaker Joe Straus has been a thorn in the side of popular conservative Governor Greg Abbott for months.  Struas, who has openly admitted to opposing the Governor on several conservative policy changes, is looking to stall the governor’s entire political agenda from his position atop the legislature, leading many Texans to call for his ouster.  The RINO Speaker has particularly taken umbrage with Texas’ “bathroom bill”, touching on a nerve within the American conservative psyche, and outing his own personal position on the subject, fart to the left of Governor Abbott.  For many Texans, this is the last straw for Straus, as America is uniting to undo the sins of the former Obama administration at the state level.  Straus’ objection to the bathroom bill has seemingly put him in league with Texas democrats regarding the sensitive issue.

“As you are probably well aware, when Gov. Abbott called the Special Session, Straus ridiculed Gov. Abbott. RINO Straus said that ‘Abbott’s Special Session Agenda is a pile of manure,’ to a group of public school administrators in San Antonio. Straus further stated that “Texas is off track with proposals such as the ‘Bathroom Bill.’

“Then Straus was quoted in The New Yorker Magazine. ‘We came very close this session to passing a sweepingly discriminatory policy. It would have sent a very negative message around the country.’

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“’The legislature is not obligated to act upon his (Gov. Abbott’s) agenda items within the thirty-day period. And the Governor would have the option to call as many thirty-day sessions as he would like. We’re under no obligation to pass anything.’

“This was a slap in the face of Gov. Abbott by RINO Straus. Straus threw down the gauntlet. We will see if he is really man enough to take on Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, the Republican dominated Texas Senate and House and the overwhelming number of Republican Primary voters, 68%, who want Straus removed as speaker and replaced by a conservative Republican.

“It appears obvious to any unbiased observer that RINO Straus will once again kill the very same conservative bills in the Special Session that he killed during the regular session.

“Straus has a political rivalry with both Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick. Straus represents the business, money and lobbyist interests in Texas and the ‘Country Club’ Establishment Republicans who opposed Donald Trump. Abbott and Patrick represent the grassroots conservative Republican voters of Texas.”

Obviously, the impasse that the phony conservative speaker wishes to create is bad news for Texans, and as such, a call to arms has been made throughout the conservative community in the Lone Star State.

Through polling, it has been determined that nearly 70% of Texans wish to see Straus removed from his post, and effectively excommunicated from the Texas conservatives’ club.  Otherwise, there is a very real fear that the Speaker will be able to stymy Governor Abbott’s popular conservative agenda.  Straus opponents are asking Texans to use this link to educate themselves on how best to reach their representatives an ask for the end of the Straus era.




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