Texas County Caves to Atheists Who Demand They Remove This From Their Sheriff’s Vehicles

I have reported on several occasions about the desire of many atheists to remove all symbols of faith from the public square. They hate the reminder that there is a God. So, to not have to face such reminders, they have twisted the Constitution and the Establishment Clause to rid themselves of this inconvenience.

It seemed that there would be one group willing to stand up to them. As I reported, Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson had placed crosses on his deputies’ vehicles. This caused the atheist group the Freedom From Religion Foundation to file a complaint and then suit. This has now been resolved.

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The Austin American-Statesman reports

Despite support from Gov. Greg Abbott, officials in Brewster County have agreed to ban the display of Christian crosses on sheriff’s vehicles to settle a lawsuit from the national Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Under the settlement, approved last week by county commissioners, Brewster County agreed to pay the foundation $21,970 in legal fees and $400 for court costs.

Though the county had the support of the Governor and the D.A., there was no will to fight this lawsuit. Maybe they felt that it would be too costly. Maybe they did not want the publicity concerning this issue. In any case, they decided to give into this pressure. They caved through legislation.

The Statesman continued

Greg Hudson, an Austin lawyer representing Brewster County and Sheriff Ronny Dodson, said the settlement reflected a county policy approved by the Commissioners Court in March that banned political, religious, commercial and personal symbols and messages from county vehicles. The ban was approved about three weeks after the foundation filed its lawsuit in Alpine’s federal court.

The fight is over and though the County might have saved money and time, at what cost? We seldom think what not standing costs us or what price others might pay. The county apparently did not see that this was a loss not just for them but the Constitution.

And this is how tyranny creeps in, a little at a time.

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