Texas College Newspaper Turns to Bigotry Against Whites For Attention

The radical left has found a shortcut for getting attention in 2017, and it involves heaping doses of abhorrent racism and discrimination.

This strange sentiment coming from a staunchly “progressive” group of Americans would not have occurred without the radicalization of the liberal ethos by “social justice” forces within the democratic wing of U.S. politics.  These angry “warriors” have spent years attempting to turn the concept of equality into the act of equity, retroactively and foolishly hoping to level the playing field for whatever disenchanted fringe group of Americans they have so graciously chosen as their pet project this week.

Don’t be fooled; the radical left isn’t so much about helping others as they are about helping themselves.  Every scrap of “do-good” that they claim is a full meal is someone else’s choking hazard.

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Now, one newspaper at a Texas university has fully succumb to the bizarre machinations of the anti-humane and Fascist liberals by declaring that “white” DNA is an “abomination”.

” A Texas college’s student newspaper is apologizing after coming under fire for running an opinion column called ‘Your DNA is an abomination’ that accuses white people of being oppressors who ‘shouldn’t exist.’

“’Whiteness will be over because we want it to be,’ the article reads, according to a photograph sent to Fox News by multiple viewers. ‘And when it dies, there will be millions of cultural zombies aimlessly wandering across a vastly changed landscape.’

” In addition to stating ‘white death will mean liberation for all,’ the columnist also says whiteness is ‘a construct used to perpetuate a system of racist power’ and white people are ‘an aberration.’

“’Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist,’ the column adds. ‘You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.’”

This is America’s “tolerant” left.  The supposed moral authority on race and civility.

There is no explanation for this bizarre rant other than a need for attention.  The author, the editor, and the university that allowed it are simply seeking street cred in the world of the Social Justice meets Social Media.  Unfortunately for America, these foolhardy Fascists are being openly propped up by the mainstream media and academia.

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