Beto O'Rourke

Texan Skateboard Senator Raises BIG BUCKS in Three Months

Whoever is doing the marketing and image work for Beto O’Rourke should get a raise.

O’Rourke is currently running against former presidential candidate Ted Cruz for a seat in the Senate, and is often seen as the young, spunky type that the left loves to exploit to play up the imaginary age gap between themselves and republicans.  While the young leftist is currently trailing Cruz in the polls, that’s not for a lack of effort by O’Rourke and his team of image handers.

You see, “Beto” O’Rourke is actually Robert Francis O’Rourke, which sounds like the name of a long-time librarian somewhere within the Catholic Church system in Massachusetts.  Undoubtedly, if he hadn’t changed to “Beto” before, you can get your bottom dollar that any campaign manager worth their weight in salt would have suggested working toward an alternative moniker.

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And then there was the eerily well-filmed “viral” video of “Beto” riding a skateboard in a Whataburger parking lot.

As a guy who has set up a shot or two, let me tell you:  This wasn’t the work of some random skaterat who just happened to catch Beto stopping for a cheeseburger and looking to do some gnarly tricks.

But, even in exposing all of the subtle ways in which we are being told that “Beto” is a “cool dude”, the Texan is smashing fundraising records.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke raised an astonishing $38.1 million in three months, as Democrats in Texas and nationwide showered him with donations for his bid to oust Sen. Ted Cruz.

The haul smashed previous records for a U.S. Senate contest, and assures that the hard fought race, already the nation’s costliest, remains on top of the 2018 list.

O’Rourke’s haul is more than triple the $12 million that Cruz said he raised from July through September. Combined, the rivals have raised roughly $86 million but the challenger’s tally of $61.2 million vastly eclipses the incumbent’s $24.9 million.

I am genuinely curious to find out how much of that money is spent on GoPro cameras and Mountain Dew.

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