TERROR IN TORONTO! Canadian Neighbors Suffer Van Attack

The western hemisphere has been a bit subdued in terms of global terror in recent years, with Europe and the Middle East still taking the usual brunt of the caliphate’s rage.

Europe has been hit particularly hard in recent years, thanks to the EU’s insistence that member nations respond to an influx of middle easter migrants with open arms, speeding up their already lax border security measures, and allowing a great number of radical Islamic extremists to slip onto the continent.

Bombings, mass shootings, and vehicles attacks have been the workhorse tactics of these villainous scum, and their targets are chosen for maximum horror:  Young women leaving an Ariana Grande concert.  Pedestrians getting tea.  Germans shopping for Christmas gifts.

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Thanks to the hardline immigration and border controls being put in place by the Trump administration, the U.S. has been left nearly unscathed by the systemic terror of the European Union, even though the caliphate tends to despise us far more than they do their European neighbors.  We’re the big prize for any terrorist worth his weight in virgins, but that is only because it is not a simple task in the least.

The next best thing, however, seems to be Canada; perpetual U.S. ally and over-friendly neighbor to the north.

Police in Toronto reported multiple injuries and fatalities after a white van struck pedestrians at the busy intersection of Yonge Street and Finch.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon at the intersection which lies close to the Finch subway and bus station, one of the busiest transport hubs in the city of Toronto. One suspect appears to have been arrested.

Newstalk 1010 reports that up to 9 people are dead following the attack.

Witnesses told local TV crews that the driver was travelling at around 45 miles per hour, “crumbling up people” and taking the action “intentionally”.

Photos, which has been posted online show multiple people on the ground as a result of the incident. The Toronto subway system, known as the TTC, has shut down service to Finch station in response.

Citizen journalists on the scene captured the chaos via Twitter.

Police have yet to release details about the assailant – something that will surely be a hot topic in the coming days.


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