TERROR IN PARIS: Notre Dame Cathedral on Lockdown After Hammer Attack

A possible terror attack has struck Paris, France today, as police responded to a lone, armed assailant at the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

During the last few weeks, Europe has been in the grips of a Ramadan-Inspired terror spree that has left dozens dead and hundreds injured.  While Britain has been bearing the brunt of the most recent attacks, France has also been a hotbed of radical Islamic terror, due in part to their relaxed border policies in the wake of the middle eastern refugee crisis.

Details are still emerging about today’s attack at Notre Dame, but the facts that are emerging now are horrific.

“French police say they have shot a man outside the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, after he tried to attack an officer using a hammer.

“The suspect has been wounded in the chest, French media report.

“The shots prompted panic among visitors. The area around the cathedral has been closed and people are being asked to stay away.

“France is in a state of emergency since attacks by jihadists in Paris left 130 people dead in 2015.”

Ramadan, a holy time for devout Muslims, has often indicated an uptick in radical Islamic terrorism, and this year seems to be no different.

In the U.S., President Donald Trump has once again asked that his proposed “travel ban” be reinstated by the meddling leftist judges who have blocked it, in response to this massive rise in international terror. ¬†Should his pleas go ignored, there are several liberal judiciaries who could soon have blood on their hands.

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