Terror Network Sought After Manchester Attack, Five Arrested in Connection

Salman Abedi’s attack on Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena this week is the focus of international anti-terrorism forces this week, and as they delve deeper into the tragic event, frightening new details are emerging.

Abedi, who had spent weeks in Libya before retiring to the UK to carry out his dastardly attack, was apparently receiving a great deal of help in his preparation for this jihadist massacre.  Now, as authorities begin to piece together the reality of what occurred on that tragic night, they have identified a terror network involved with Abedi and have begun making arrests.

“British police made a fifth arrest Wednesday in connection with the Manchester terrorist attack that killed 22 people as they investigate whether the suicide bomber was part of a network.

“The latest arrest came in the nearby town of Wigan, when police took a man who was carrying a package into custody, according to Manchester police. Police have cordoned off the area while they investigate the package.

“Meanwhile, security services continued to work around the clock to determine what motivated British national Salman Abedi to blow himself up just outside the exits of the Manchester arena moments after singer Ariana Grande had finished her packed concert. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, though officials have not confirmed what role the militant group may have played, if any.”

Abedi’s bomb was reportedly packed with nuts, bolts, nails, and other such shrapnel-creating bits, and was designed to cause maximum damage as the projectiles pierced through whatever, or whomever, was unlucky enough to be in their path.

Worse yet, security experts have revealed that Abedi had taken advantage of a known security flaw of many arenas, opting not to attend the concert himself.  Instead, the radical Islamic terrorist chose to wait outside Manchester Arena until the throngs of young women in attendance were filing out to head home, then detonating the device that killed over 20 people and injured 120-some more.

The most reprehensible reality of Salman Abedi’s heinous attack were his targets:  Young women attending a pop-music star’s concert.  Certainly, given radical Islam’s views on women, and, in particular, successful women who do not adhere to the strict Muslim rules for public behavior, Abedi was sending a message to the world:  It is their way or death when it comes to societal norms.


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