Terror Comes to North America in Canadian Truck Attack

Much of the focus of the international war on terror has been directed at the European continent as of late, but all that is about to change.

For months, European leaders have been struggling with an influx of radical Islamic terrorism as a number of ISIS-affiliated agents disguise themselves as Syrian refugees to exploit the EU’s bizarre and relaxed border policies throughout the continent.  This foolish decision has led to several bids for independence from the EU, including the successful Brexit vote for Great Britain and the current political revolution occurring in Catalonia.

Now, however, terror has once again made its mark on the North American continent with an attack in Canada.

“A suspect stabbed an Edmonton police constable then later drove a truck that tried to ram into pedestrians while it was being chased by police cruisers in downtown Edmonton Saturday night, officials say, in what is now being investigated as a terrorism incident.

“Four pedestrians and the constable were injured when the U-Haul truck struck them as it sped down Jasper Avenue, Edmonton police chief Rod Knetch told reporters.

“The officer is not in critical condition. Knetch could not provide more details about the condition of the pedestrians.

” The suspect is in custody and appears to have acted alone, the police chief said.

“Knetch said an Islamic State flag that was inside the suspect’s vehicle had been seized and was part of the investigation, which now involves the local RCMP-led Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, a counter-terrorism unit.”

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This is the first terror attack in Canada in years, and one of the most serious incidents in North America since the onset of the Donald Trump administration.

To make matters worse, the attack occurred in the general vicinity of a popular hockey venue on the space’s Military Appreciation Night, leading some to believe that the event was targeted specifically in order for maximum symbolism.

The suspect in the attack was arrested after crashing the U-Haul vehicle near a busy nightlife area.  No further information has been released as of this publication.

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