TERROR ALERT: Three Killed By Muslim Shooter in Fresno, California


The war against America and its people continues today, as a Muslim anti-Trump activist has shot and killed three people in California.

The attack occurred early in the afternoon as Kori Ali Muhammad opened fire in the vicinity of a Catholic Charities location, with two of his three victims being associated with the organization.  Thankfully, the suspect has been apprehended, and has subsequently been linked to another slaying in the area that occurred at a Motel 6 on Thursday of last week.

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“Three people were shot and killed after a man went on a shooting spree Tuesday in Fresno, randomly shooting at four white men, killing three, before he was taken into custody, police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

“The 39-year-old suspect, identified as Kori Ali Muhammad, is also suspected in the fatal shooting of a security guard outside a Motel 6 on Blackstone Avenue in central Fresno Thursday. He is facing four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder, Dyer said. He said Muhammad had expressed dislike of whites in Facebook posts; all of the victims were white. Dyer called it a ‘random act of violence.’

“Two of the people shot outside Catholic Charities, on Fulton Street just north of downtown, may have been clients of the social service agency, not employees, Dyer said. The third victim was a passenger in a Pacific Gas & Electric truck. A fourth man was shot at but not injured.”

The labeling of the incident as a “random act of violence” will certainly raise a few eyebrows, as ISIS and their operatives continue to insinuate that their global jihad is purposely targeting religious people and places in an effort to eradicated “worshipers of the Cross”.

Radical Islamic terrorism’s evolution into an instrument of a global holy war against Christianity has become wildly apparent in recent years, as the group continues to push the Caliphate and their razor-sharp interpretation of Sharia law around the world.  They have been assisted, in part, by arrogant democrats and progressives who choose to willfully ignore the reality of the situation.  For years, former President Barack Obama’s rebuking and defiance to use the term “radical Islam” has shaped the leftist ideology regarding the evil and angry ISIS and their religious cult of lunatics.

Now, with globalism shirking away at the realities presented by U.S. President Donald Trump, perhaps the world at large can once again recognize radical Muslims for what they are:  Crusaders against Christianity who will stop at nothing to forcefully eradicate all religions save their own.

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