TERROR ALERT: ISIS Continues War on Christianity with Multiple Church Bombings


ISIS has claimed responsibility for two deadly church bombing in Egypt today, coinciding with some of the most important dates on the Christian calendar.

With Easter fast approaching, Christians the world over were preparing for a peaceful Palm Sunday.  In Egypt, however, this important religious holiday was marred by terror, as operatives working for the Islamic State conducted dual explosive attacks that have killed at least 25 and wounded dozens more.

“The first blast was in the northern city of Tanta, where a powerful explosion ripped through a Palm Sunday service at St George’s Church, killing 25 people and wounding 60 others, state TV reported. The explosive device was planted under a seat in the main prayer hall, it said.
“Not long after that, at least 11 people were killed and 35 others wounded in a suicide bomb attack outside Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria, according to two state-news outlets. Egyptian state media also reported that the head of Egypt’s Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros II, was inside the Church when the blast happened. He was not injured.
“In a statement, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi condemned the attacks, saying the ‘outrageous’ action ‘targets both the Copts and Muslims of the homeland.’ He ordered investigators to ‘hunt down the perpetrators’ and ‘take all measures to offer the necessary care for the wounded.’
“He has called an urgent meeting of his country’s National Defense Council.
“‘The attack will not undermine the resolve and true will of the Egyptian people to counter the forces of evil, but will only harden their determination to move forward on their trajectory to realize security, stability and comprehensive development,’ the statement said..”
These coordinated attacks come shortly after ISIS operatives conducted a train bombing in Saint Petersburg, Russia in which the radical Islamic terror group has admitted to targeting “worshipers of the Cross”.  While many understood that ISIS’ motivations were enhanced by their extremist version of faith, the Saint Petersburg attack and subsequent statement by the terror organization confirmed what the world was fearing:  ISIS is ready to indiscriminately exterminate the Christian faith, and not just those affiliated with western governments.

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