Look at the Outrageous Pro-Gun Bill This State Is Considering

The debate over gun control has always been heated. Folks on both sides of the lines have suggested new and interesting ways to fight against the problems that arise (as they see them); however the latest push from our side of the fight may not be the best solution we’ve ever offered.

In Tennessee a new bill that would hold “gun free” businesses liable for any damage that happens, due to people not being able to carry a firearm, seems ready to become law. Needless to say, it’s kicked up the entire gun control debate a few notches.

I get the rationale. Heck, I even generally agree with the rationale. The problem is that this is a liberal tactic and I don’t think it suits our team. Think about it – this is basically the reverse of the common liberal argument that gun manufacturers and dealers should be held liable whenever some crazy person commits a crime. That is wrongheaded and so is this pro-gun bill. The anti-gun liberal who wants to strip you of your right to carry is no more liable for the madman’s violence than the pro-gun conservative who may have armed him.

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Instead of holding “gun free” businesses liable… we conservatives should just stop giving those stores, restaurants and shops our business.

I know that it may feel better to exact a pound of flesh from liberal gun grabbers, but the process here matters. We should be better than the liberals who seek to rule over us. We want more liberty, greater personal responsibility, and the right to be left alone – laws like this one in Tennessee simply encourage the left in more liberal states like New Jersey, New York, California, and others to do the same to the conservatives who live there.

We should not respond to these issues the way liberals do, by using the government to punish our opposition. Instead, we should encourage everyone to exercise their freedoms as they see fit, and if a liberal business owner wants to run a “gun free zone,” then we should simply avoid their establishment and instead carry our guns into their nearest gun-rights supporting competitor.

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