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Ten Commandments Coming Back to Arkansas Capitol After Recent Vandalism

The Arkansas State Capitol was recently ransacked by an anti-Christian madman, but now a generous donation is making their front fascia whole again.

Earlier this summer, in the late days of June, a crazed repeat offender named Michael Tate Reed decided that a monument to the Ten Commandments that stood near the front entrance of the Arkansas State Capitol building needed to be removed.  Instead of petitioning the neighborhood or attempting to take liberal legal action, Reed turned to one of his old tricks, ramming his personal vehicle into the religious monument – destroying it instantly.  Reed had been previously arrested for an identical stunt involving a Ten Commandments monument hundreds of miles away in Oklahoma – an act which the clearly troubled man capped off by urinating on the remains of the statue.

Now, after the despicable act in Arkansas, the team behind the God’s Not Dead documentary series is donating big bucks to have the statue reinstalled.

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“Executive producers of the Christian God’s Not Dead movie series donated $25,000 Thursday to replace a Ten Commandments monument after the original was smashed less than a day after its installation on state Capitol grounds.

“The 6-foot-tall stone inscribed with the 10 biblical laws was erected near the Arkansas Supreme Court building on June 27. Early the next day, according to police reports, Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren drove a Dodge Dart into the monument, which toppled, shattering the granite. He was arrested at the scene and faces misdemeanor charges of defacing an object of public respect and criminal trespass, and first-degree criminal mischief, a felony. Tate is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

“Including the $25,000 gift, roughly $55,000 in total has been raised in private donations since the monument was destroyed, [Sen. Jason Rapert, R-Bigelow] said Thursday. People have sent in money online through a fundraising website and given by mail and in person, he said.

“After thanking donors and several Arkansas lawmakers, Rapert told the audience the new monument would likely be outfitted with “aesthetically pleasing” security of some kind. That someone would drive to Little Rock and ram the monument was something ‘nobody could have foreseen,’ he said.”

This is far from the first controversy involving religious statutes on government grounds.

Members of the Church of Satan have recently been forced to find a home for their now-infamous Baphomet statue after Oklahoma legally removed a Ten Commandments monument that the Satanists opposed.  The terrifying and ungodly horned visage was meant to stir controversy over the assumed separation of church and state, and caused an uproar among Christians when it was unveiled.


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