Teen Vogue: A Teenage Girl’s Guide to Insanity

For the record, we don’t actually subscribe to magazines at our house. We consider them a waste of money, paper and time.

So the information I’m giving you did not originally come first hand. I was led there by a pro-life friend. I still can not believe what I read either. It makes The Onion look like a credible news source.

Teen Vogue recently published on its website, and I’m assuming in the pages of its magazine, “What to get a friend Post-abortion”. Reading this bunch of drivel written by Whitney Bell made my eyes want to bleed. From the suggestion that the worst part isn’t the procedure itself to the actual “gifts” she suggest you purchase for your “downtrodden boo”.  I never knew they made a pin that was a uterus giving you the finger or a Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book and frankly never wanted to know. There’s even the suggestion of being an abortion clinic escort. Wow!!!

Bear in mind this is a magazine that is supposed to be geared toward girls who are 13 to 19 years old. And of course they suggest that it’s just merely a medical procedure, you know, like a tonsillectomy.  I am by no means suggesting that I would think that the folks at a fashion magazine are a bunch of Rhodes Scholars, but really can you be this stupid and still breathe? I guess they never heard of post-abortion stress syndrome. Perhaps if they had a uterus shaped heating pad would not be on their gift list.

So Moms and Dads, please be aware that when you think you are simply giving your child a magazine full of cute shoes, makeup tips and cool haircuts, you’re actually giving them way more than that.

You are giving them a source for soul eating balderdash.

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