Muslim “Refugee” Attacks German Train Passengers

There is a growing trend in recent attacks. There is now less and less connections between the terror groups and those who are killing for them. This trend is one that should frighten us somewhat. How can you know that they are there and that they wish to do harm if they are not contacted or contacting the terrorists?

It is bad enough that we are not vetting those coming in correctly, but now we have another problem to add to our poor work. We have the problem that no one has really thought about. What about the Muslim that reads and interprets his Quran literally.

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Then we would have to worry about our Muslim neighbor self-radicalizing. And this seems to be just what happened in Germany.

Fox reports

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Tuesday for an ax-and-knife attack on a German train that left at least five people injured, but authorities said it appears the 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was shot and killed by police as he fled the scene appears to have self-radicalized and had no direct link to the extremists.

Though the Islamic State group claimed responsibility through its Aamaq news agency, Herrmann said the suspect, whose identity has not been released, had written notes in his native Pashto that indicated he may have been self-radicalized, and there was “no indication” he was directly connected to the IS group.

The news that he had no contact with ISIS or any terror organization means that he came to the conclusion that this was what Allah wanted him to do all on his own. He is not a lonely boy who these master manipulators coaxed into committing murder. No, this young man came to these conclusions by his own reading and thinking through what his Quran told him.

If this trend continues, we may have a larger problem than we realize.

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