Ted Cruz’s Convention Speech Will Help Donald Trump

Despite what you are hearing, Ted Cruz’s speech at the Convention, in the end, will only help Trump get elected.  Ted Cruz made it clear up front that he would not endorse Donald Trump.  Donald Trump was the one who called on Ted Cruz to speak at the convention Wednesday night.  Donald Trump and his people knew the speech ahead of time and did not edit the speech. Here.

Let’s review what Cruz said last night.

  • He congratulated Trump on his victory.
  • He told the party that it must unite.
  • He told the party it must turn out in November.
  • He told the voters to vote their conscience.
  • He told the voters to stand up for those who stand up for the constitution.

The only way Trump wins this election is if he creates a stark contrast between himself and Hillary Clinton.   The only way to successfully do that is on issues and policies.  That’s the challenge Ted Cruz gave to the Republican party.  The Republican party only unites with principles and drawing stark contrasts between themselves and the Democrat.  It’s not enough to rail against Hillary’s corruption.  It must be done on a guiding set of principles of smaller government.  I’m hoping Eric Trump Jr is more involved in the campaign for Donald Trump.  His speech was one of the best at the convention and drew praises from all corners of the conservative spectrum. His speech focused on smaller government principles and made the huge contrast between what Trump did in the private sector to what Hillary has been doing to destroy America.

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What Ted Cruz did is take himself and Trump out of the equation at the convention and centered the convention around  Conservative principles.  If the speech was about just endorsing Trump it wouldn’t of helped Trump.  Endorsing Trump is not enough.  Endorsing principles is the solution. My prayer is that this speech helps Trump stay focused on principles of small government that he will continue to contrast with Hillary Clinton.  My hope is that this speech puts the pressure on Trump to move to the right.  Moving to the right is the only way we defeat Hillary. The fight will not be won on a clash of  personalities or a lesser of two evils argument.  The fight will only be won by a clear conservative contrast to Hillary Clinton.

If you want to make this speech about the fact that Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Trump you’ve completely missed the point.   People should vote their conscience.  If their conscience tells them that Trump is the clear conservative alternative to Hillary, we win.  If their conscience dictates that Trump is not the clear conservative to Hillary, he will lose.  It’s up to Trump to make the case to voters and give them a reason to vote.  Saying, “I’m not Hillary” is not enough.  Cruz’s speech. It’s a speech that helps  reset the table.  It’s a speech that puts pressure on Trump to make the case against Hillary and to draw the necessary contrast.   It’s the only way to win.

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