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JUST ANNOUNCED: Ted Cruz Accepts Trump’s Invitation to Speak at Republican National Convention

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On Thursday Texas Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) was invited to speak at the Republican National Convention by likely GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Senator Cruz graciously accepted the offer, but still refuses to offer his endorsement for Donald Trump’s candidacy.



Could this be the first step in a restorative direction for the fractured GOP? It seems too early to make that call, but it was an important step, and one that had to happen for any hope of a reconciliation.

Sadly, while Trump seems to have come to a peaceful agreement with Senator Cruz, he still can’t seem to forgive other GOP opponents.

On Thursday, while Trump was meeting with Cruz, news leaked that he had recently had a rather rough meeting with other GOP Senators. In what seems to be a worrisome picture of the state of the Republican Party, Mr. Trump took time to bash representatives from the liberal, moderate, and conservative wings of the Party. Senators [score]Jeff Flake[/score] (R-AZ)(the moderate), [score]Mark Kirk[/score] (R-IL) (the liberal), and [score]Benjamin Sasse[/score] (R-NE) (the conservative) were all targets of Trump’s ire after a “goodwill” meeting earlier this week. Trump called Kirk a “loser,” complained that Sasse “must want Hillary,” and threatened to stand against Flake (who isn’t up for reelection this year).

None of this bodes well for “Party unity,” and while it’s nice to see Mr. Trump play nice with Senator Cruz, we need him to make the same kind of overtures to the rest of the party.


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