Ted Cruz Debates Trump Supporters Who aren’t Interested in Facts! – Must See!

Why, when [score]Ted Cruz[/score] speaks truth, do Trump’s supporters scream and yell insults?

In the video Ted Cruz speaks truth and Trump supporters act like a pack of Bernie-supporting, millennial, college leftists. They should be embarrassed.

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Tell them anything that departs from their narrative and they start howling together, “Lyin’ Ted. Lyin’ Ted! LYIN’ TED!”

None of the protesters seemed to be capable of arguing that they thought Donald Trump was the best candidate to vote for despite his negatives. No. They were incapable of conceding that he had any negatives. In their minds, they’ve even turned Trump into a champion of the Second Amendment.

I’ve criticized Cruz’s communication strategy in the past, but he was being a model of civil discourse and reason here. Furthermore, while there may be room to debate the significance of some of his points, the basic claims he made are well-documented. Yet when Ted Cruz speaks truth, these mindless Trump zombies seemed to need to scream slogans to protect themselves.

Trump isn’t running a campaign; he is starting his own cult.

This reminds me of back in 2008 when a lot of faux conservatives endorsed Obama and said he would govern from the center. They were plainly engaged in, and reinforcing, a delusion. They wanted Obama to be a centrist champion, so they insisted he was such a centrist champion. Likewise, these loud protesters want Donald Trump to be their champion, so they insist that he is their champion and anyone who says otherwise must be a liar.

The best thing the Cruz campaign could do is circulate this video of Ted Cruz trying to reason with Trump supporters and them demonstrating that they are incapable of any such level of rational thinking.

Accusing Cruz of wanting to kill women and children, when Trump is the one who has explicitly boasted that he would kill them, was an amazing level of hypocrisy and/or ignorance.

I thought Cruz was at his weakest in asserting that Trump would not get enough delegates. But if more people see this video, he may be right.

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