Ted Cruz Needs to Learn This Important Lesson from Marco Rubio [VIDEO]

After Rubio’s major mistake, Ted Cruz should learn from it and attack this candidate.

Ted Cruz should learn to fight hard against his chief rival. No not Donald Trump.

Cruz has openly courted the establishment by saying that he is the only realistic option to Trump. But the Republican establishment clearly wants to keep John Kasich in the race as an alternative to both Cruz and Trump.

Perhaps Cruz has already adjusted to this reality. But if not, let me spell out what he should do in my opinion: Ted Cruz should learn from Marco Rubio’s mistake and devote considerable resources to knocking John Kasich out of the race.

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This seems ridiculous since Kasich has no chance of winning. But Cruz needs to eliminate the possibility of him getting any more delegates.

According to an article in the New Republic yesterday, Rubio made a huge error in not devoting resources to go after Kasich.

He ignored the Ohio governor for months, and even after Kasich finished second in New Hampshire with his “prince of light” act, Rubio failed to attack him—choosing instead to throw millions of dollars into ineffectively hitting Cruz and Trump. Of all the many strategic blunders that Rubio’s campaign committed, this may have been the single most inexplicable.

SuperPACs associated with Chris Christie and Jeb Bush realized that Kasich was a threat, but not Rubio. The ad campaigns from those two candidates’ PACs were short-lived but they could easily be re-energized in primary states.


According to the New Republic,

Unlike Trump, who has proven immune to almost every attack leveled at him, Kasich has two big, whopping strikes against him in conservatives’ eyes that Rubio could have exploited successfully.

The “strikes” are Kasich’s career at Lehman Brothers and his expansion of Medicaid (see the video at the bottom of this post). I think a convincing ad could also be made from this footage arguing that Kasich is a delusional narcissist. Going with that trait is Kasich’s notorious temper that he is trying to hide.

But the larger point is that attacks on Trump will gain Cruz little to no return on investment. There is vast loathing of Donald Trump in the conservative base and with some other Republicans. The only way that Cruz can win is if he converts all of that into votes for himself.

If he doesn’t know it already, Ted Cruz should learn from Rubio that every minute Kasich is in the race hurts him.


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