Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Praise Trump’s Transition Leadership

The two men who had the best shot at unseating Donald Trump for the Presidency this year have both become two of his staunchest defenders in the media. Senators [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) and [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL) both made appearances in the media this weekend and both spoke eloquently in defense of Trump’s transition process and the cabinet that he was assembling as President-elect.

Senator Rubio delivered some important guidance, advising Trump to make sure that he selected a Secretary of State that he could trust.

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“I think he has a bevy of people to pick from. Ultimately, he has to choose someone he is comfortable with… and I think there are a number of qualified candidates that could fit the bill.”

Senator Cruz praised the team that Trump was assembling, calling the gathered Cabinet “a team of all-stars!”

“We’re seeing in the Trump administration… a team of all-stars that are coming together.”

Of course, ABC This Week host Martha Raddatz wanted to focus on the negative – the tumultuous past between Cruz and Trump – but Cruz powered through, recognizing that the primary was hard-fought, but that he was now looking to the future.

“It was a hard-fought campaign… on all sides and it was vigorous until the end. But at the end of the day, the people have spoken. He won the election. He won the nomination and he won the general election in convincing manner. And my focus is on the country. My focus is we have a new president. We have a mandate.

What I’m going to work to do every day is to try to work closely with the new president, with the new administration and with my colleagues in Congress to deliver on what we promised. I’ve got to say, if we don’t, if we’re given the White House and both houses of Congress and we don’t deliver, I think there’ll be pitchforks and torches in the street, and I think quite rightly.

This election was a mandate for change and the most catastrophic thing Republicans could do is go back to business as usual.”

Let’s hope the energy being delivered from conservatives in Congress will help to drive the GOP’s efforts in Congress after President Trump’s inauguration.

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