Ted Cruz is Closing The Gap With Trump, Who Now Has Only 185 More Delegates Than Cruz.

With [score]Ted Cruz[/score] catching up to Donald Trump, the outcome is less certain than it was a few weeks ago.

AP reports on Ted Cruz catching up with the front runner. The totals after Wyoming:

  • Donald Trump – 744 delegates
  • Ted Cruz – 559 delegates
  • John Kasich – 144 delegates

Painstaking organization and in-person campaigning paid off again for Ted Cruz on Saturday as he nailed down all 14 delegates up for grabs at the Republican Party convention in Wyoming. The result leaves Donald Trump facing yet another loss in a string of defeats in Western states.

Saturday’s sweep for Cruz follows his victory last month in Wyoming, when he scored 9 of 12 available delegates at county conventions. Trump and Marco Rubio each won one delegate last month in Wyoming while one remained undecided.

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This is significant. Despite the narcissistic nuisance candidacy of Kasich, Cruz has more than two thirds the number of delegates that Trump has. Back after Super Tuesday, when Cruz first floated the idea that he was the candidate who could defeat Trump, his words seemed pretentious. Now, they seem more realistic. Unless Trump can pull way ahead this means Cruz is a contender.

Trump isn’t helping his reputation by the way he has responded to his defeat in Wyoming. AP claims,

Trump largely bypassed the state. In a telephone interview Saturday on “Fox and Friends,” he said: “I don’t want to waste millions of dollars going out to Wyoming many months before to wine and dine and to essentially pay off these people, because a lot of it’s a payoff, you understand that?”

Trump knows all about buying people off. When he was campaigning in Iowa, he supported ethanol subsidies even though they serve no conceivable public interest. Ted Cruz opposed them and still won Iowa. It doesn’t look convincing, or Presidential, for Trump to complain about voters’ motives now. Nor is it wise, if Trump wants to beat the Democrats if he secures the Republican nomination, for him to alienate Wyoming Cruz voters.

My fear is that the hostility between Cruz and Trump will be used by the Republican establishment for justification to pick a loser like Kasich or [score]Marco Rubio[/score]. When they arrive at the convention, my hope and prayer is the two leading candidates don’t let that happen.

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