Ted Cruz Calls Draft for Women ‘Nuts’

You can call him old fashioned if you like, but [score]Ted Cruz[/score] seems to be the only GOP candidate with his head screwed on right when he says forcing women to register for a future military draft is “nuts.”

Cruz was replying Sunday to comments made during the GOP presidential debate by his rivals Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and [score]Marco Rubio[/score]. All of them said they would support forcing young women to register for Selective Service, just like young men, which would be a precursor to being drafted should a national military emergency arise.

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“It was striking that three different people on that stage came out in support of drafting women into combat in the military,” Cruz said. “I didn’t have an opportunity to respond to that particular question, but I have to admit as I was sitting there listening to that conversation, my reaction was, ‘Are you guys nuts?'”

Once again, the Cruz Missile is flying against the winds of political correctness, but on this issue, he seems to be the only sane one in the room.

There have been forces on the Left, primarily, who for years have been trying to jam women into military combat jobs that most women simply are not physically capable of. Serving the idol of equality, they want women to be allowed in jobs they have no business being in, such as SEAL teams and front line infantry roles.

This lobbying effort usually has gone hand in hand with the rewriting of military regulations to allow homosexuals and transgenders to openly serve, and the effort to shut down and drive out Christians who don’t accept those lifestyles as moral.

In the case of women, there’s nothing wrong with a woman who can meet the requirements being placed in any combat assignment she would like. There are many fine women pilots and vehicle operators, for example. But some positions simply require raw strength that most women don’t have.

But the Left’s drive for “equality” under this Administration blinds military leaders to reality, and the notion of registering and drafting women keeps rearing its ugly head.

It’s just one of many misplaced military objectives under this president, such as the recent Pentagon order to military commanders to make “climate change” a priority.

GOP candidates are making a mistake to go along with the PC madness about women in the military.

As Cruz said, “The idea that [women’s] government would forcibly put them in a foxhole with a 220-pound [enemy] psychopath trying to kill them doesn’t make any sense at all.”

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