The Ted Cruz Campaign just got Wealthier

The Ted Cruz campaign has a lot of Marxists to thank when it comes to fundraising.

No, liberals are not funding the [score]Ted Cruz[/score] Campaign, but they are sure making it easy for Ted Cruz to fund-raise off them. Before we look to the general. The primary rumors of Perry challenging Cruz are simply not true. There’s a lot of inaccurate information from unreliable sources that Rick Perry is going to try to primary Ted Cruz in 2018. Not a chance. Rick Perry is too smart to do that and I think he genuinely likes Ted Cruz. Rick Perry has run his course, too, when it comes to running for state wide and national office. I think after 3 terms of Governor of Texas, Texans are looking for fresh faces and new ideas.

What is really driving the coffers of the Ted Cruz campaign for 2018 these days? “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis and Commie nutcase Joaquin Castro are helping Cruz make big bucks of course!  You couldn’t wish for more worthy opponents to help with fundraising.

Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis is a godsend for  the Ted Cruz campaign.

Wendy Davis is the face of abortion. Erick Erickson formerly of Redstate did what no other Republican has done over the past 30 years. Erickson, with the help of a lot of  conservatives, made Wendy Davis own the abortion platform in the Democrat party front and center. Democrats for years have campaigned against Republicans by painting them into social issue corners and for once the tables were turned on Democrats with Wendy Davis.

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 Poor ol’ Wendy Davis. She wore her pink sneakers and filibustered pro-life legislation. The media made her a national hero for kid killers. And they she had to do something besides look pretty and filibuster. It all started falling apart.

Turns out she claimed in court she had mental health issues related to press stories. Then her campaign started attacking paraplegics. Then there was the divorce issue and how she handled custody. Then it was the use of the Texas Senate as a piggy bank for her career.

By the time the anniversary of her star making filibuster came around, she had to abort the fundraiser commemorating it.

But along the way, much of the media treated her fundraising totals as spectacular. The media merged Wendy Davis’s campaign fundraising with that of Battleground Texas, an outside group set up to help her. The headlines were spectacular and false. And now the media won’t even give her credit for that.

Republicans this time gave Democrats a taste of their own medicine and it resulted in the biggest loss for Governor for a Democrat in the history of Texas politics. Wendy Davis didn’t just lose, she lost huge and she lost within her own safe Democrat districts.  The land has already been plowed for the Ted Cruz campaign. This is email fundraising gold.

The latest craziness is coming from a commie lunatic named Congressman Joaquin Castro who wants to take on Ted Cruz.

This is manna from heaven for the Ted Cruz campaign. The more you understand Joaquin Castro the more you wonder if Ted Cruz even needs to raise money for his Senate race.

Enter anti-American communist, pro-illegal alien, open borders activist, Congressman Joaquin Castro , the other half of the Castro brother twins. His brother is Obama’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julián Castro. Joaquin told ABC News on Thursday that he was considering challenging Ted Cruz in 2018.

Joaquin Castro, who is named after the 1967 Chicano anti-gringo poem, “I Am Joaquin,” tipped his hand by slamming the popular Texas Senator as someone who made Washington worse. In other words, Cruz stood up to big government-types in both parties.

“Many Texans have been extremely disappointed in Ted, in his leadership. Ted doesn’t work for Texas. He works for Ted,” Joaquin Castro told ABC. “He is somebody who went to Washington and made it worse,” he said.

I Am Joaquín opens as follows:

I am Joaquín,

lost in a world of confusion,

caught up in the whirl of a

gringo society,

confused by the rules,

scorned by attitudes,

suppressed by manipulation,

and destroyed by modern society.

Castro’s mother “Maria “Rosie” Castro, is a radical leftist who co-founded the racist communist front group called La Raza Unida, which literally means “The Race United,” the equivalent of a white supremacist group for communist Chicanos.

Her communist, racist, and divisive political views remain an inspiration for both Castro brothers who have been groomed to infiltrate the government since youth.

The Ted Cruz campaign is not being hurt by Donald Trump

With all this said, I believe Donald Trump is a smart guy. Regardless if you  like Ted Cruz or not, I think it would be a bad idea for Trump to raise a Super PAC against Ted Cruz. The last thing Donald Trump needs is to be anywhere closely associated with these two Marxist clowns Abortion Barbie and Commie Castro. I’m going to safely assume that Trump will stop talking about Ted Cruz on the campaign trail and not go through with creating a Super PAC.  Cruz bashing is just fodder for his fans. Trump is a smart guy and is more interested in beating Hillary than being distracted by Ted Cruz and his Senate race for 2018.

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