Ted Cruz has a Brilliant Plan for Building a Border Wall, Can You Guess Who’ll Pay for It?

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a reputation for being a brilliant lawyer and a shrewd politician. His latest idea proves that he’s putting every effort into doing his job as Senator from Texas the best he can.

One of the most important factors in seeing Donald Trump become a serious presidential candidate, then the GOP frontrunner, and finally the American president was Trump’s laser-focus on illegal immigration, border security, and building a wall on our Southern border. While many politicians derided Trump’s ideas, the American people saw them as reasonable and even necessary. However, after almost 4 months in office, President Trump is beginning to realize that building that border wall may be even harder than getting Obamacare repealed and replaced. Thankfully, he’s got friends like Ted Cruz in the Senate to help him.

Cruz has just introduced a bill that would get the border wall paid for and wouldn’t cost the American people a single penny’s worth of money.

It’s called the Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order (ELCHAPO)… which is a tongue-in-cheek way of thanking the man who was the inspiration behind the bill, Sinaloa Drug cartel leader Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera or “El Chapo”. (Yes, Cruz just named a bill after a famous drug cartel kingpin!)

The bill would see the $14 Billion seized from El Chapo, plus all of the other money taken from Mexican Cartels and criminal enterprises, redirected to fund the building of a border wall and other border security interests.

“Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border. Ensuring the safety and security of Texans is one of my top priorities. We must also be mindful of the impact on the federal budget. By leveraging any criminally forfeited assets of El Chapo and his ilk, we can offset the wall’s cost and make meaningful progress toward achieving President Trump’s stated border security objectives,” Cruz said in a press release.

Many are already recognizing the brilliance of the idea on Twitter:


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