Team Trump Releases New Ad: Let the President Do His Job!

The Trump administration has finally tired of allowing the media to craft the narrative for how things are going in Washington, D.C. and they’ve decided to take their message directly to the people.

President Trump has already been doing this on a smaller scale since he began his campaign for the White House. Trump uses Twitter, and other forms of social media, to expose the nation directly to his message.

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However, in recent months the media has become more adept at side-stepping the President and simply reporting the days events from their own perspectives, without explaining the Trump team’s thoughts on the matter.

This new reality that the Trump administration found itself in has pushed them to take some drastic measures, measures which include the Trump administration continuing to operate as if they were in campaign mode.

With that in mind they decided to make a new “campaign” video, one where they asked the American people to demand that Congress let the President do the work he needs to do.

President Trump’s plan to #MAGA is WORKING — 1 million jobs created, unemployment at a 16-year low, stock market at an all-time high, & military at its strongest. Let our President do his JOB!

“One million jobs created, more Americans working than ever before, unemployment: lowest since 2001, the stock market: all time record high, the strongest military in decades. The president’s enemies don’t want him to succeed, but Americans are saying ‘let president Trump do his job’.”

It’s an inventive tactic and whether or not it will work is still up for debate, but the President knows he’s not going to find any sympathetic ears with the mainstream media so the time has come to try something different.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this situation is that we may be experiencing the first presidential era conducted entirely under the cloud of a campaign for reelection. This cloud, is not necessarily because the President is focused on reelection, but because he and his team feel that they’re not being given a fair opportunity to speak by the mainstream media. This “feeling” is in and of itself a worrisome reality, and it’s only compounded by the decision to shift gears into campaign mode less than a year into the administration’s first term.

We are living in strange times, and it’s not yet clear how this will all play out.

Onan Coca

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