Did Your Taxes Fund Play That Depicts Trump Assassination? Probably.

The death of President Donald Trump has been a sick and twisted fantasy of the lunatic left from the very moment that he was inaugurated in early 2017.

A plethora of celebrities, “artists”, comedians, actors, and pundits have openly allowed themselves to become synonymous with the “resistance” movement of the left, or the liberal New Fascist revolution, with both social groups hoping for an end to Donald Trump’s presidency…one way or another.

Kathy Griffin, the self-realized D-list actress and washed up comedienne was the focus of intense scrutiny last week after participating in a photo shoot that depicted the radical Islamic-style beheading of the Commander in Chief.  Griffin, who apparently believed that the First Amendment protected her from criticism over her tasteless and grotesque publicity stunt, issued a lackluster and forced apology before attempting to claim that Donald Trump was “ruining her life” after the photos went public.

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Now, a theatrical production of Julius Caesar, that has swapped out the titular character for Donald Trump, has come under similar scrutiny as the play ends with the assassination of the President.  Some sponsors of the production have employed their most eloquent spinsters to attempt to distance themselves from the play’s content while continuing their financial relationship with the organization putting on the tasteless folly, such as American Express.  One sponsor of the theater group, however, has yet to realize that they’re even a part of that problem.

That’s you, and your fellow taxpaying Americans.

“New York City’s Public Theater — the company behind this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, which depicts the assassination and brutal stabbing of a stand-in for President Donald Trump — has received nearly $30 million in federal, state, and city grants since 2009, according to a report.

“Data published by OpenTheBooks CEO and Forbes contributor Andrew Andrzejewski reveals that the New York Shakespeare Festival, which appears to be the name of the entity operating Shakespeare in the Park, has received some $4.1 million in federal, state, and city grants in just the past three years.

“’Posted data reveals that state and city agencies gave the largest amounts of government grants to NYSF,’ wrote Andrzejewski, whose mines a database of 3.5 billion captured government transactions at the federal, state, and local levels.

 “’Since 2010, New York City gave NYSF $23.5 million to build and renovate their public theater and funded an additional $5 million as “payments to cultural institutions.”‘ Andrzejewski wrote. “’Over the past three years, the New York state agency “Council on the Arts” chipped in $310,000.'”
Those federal funds, quite obviously, are coming directly from American taxpayers, and being funneled into these programs through the use of grants.  While we certainly wouldn’t wish to eliminate 100% of funding for the arts in this capacity, the lack of oversight into exactly how these taxpayer dollars are being spent is a bit worrisome.
Yes, it is true that the freedom of speech provides for this thinly veiled threat against the President to be performed, and yes, this is merely a publicity stunt being employed to sell tickets.  The real issue, however, is the unwilling participation of many Americans in the exploitation of our tax dollars in this manner.  Should this theater troupe truly believe in what they are creating, their success and profitability should speak for itself, making government funding obsolete.

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