Why Target Won’t Back Down

Target Corporation has been in the news recently for their policy allowing individuals who identify as transgender to use the bathroom of their choice when in Target stores. This has been met with a storm of protests, not only from those concerned about the safety of their wives and children, but those committed to reality who understand that a person with XY chromosomes will always be a man, even if those chromosomes are wearing a dress and heels. At last count more than 800,000 people had signed a pledge to boycott the stores.

To make matters worse, Target has clarified their policy further and said anyone can use any restroom they choose, whether they identify as transgender or not. I spoke to someone in their guest services department who verified that a man, dressed as a man and presenting as a man, is free to use the women’s restroom at Target, no questions asked. As mind blowing as this is, it should be no surprise. There is no objective way to determine who is transgender. If you draw blood from a transgender “woman” and send it to a lab to determine the gender of the donor, it will come back male – every time. Status as a transgender is based completely on feelings. Given that, there is no way to determine who should or should not be in the women’s (or men’s) restroom once having a penis or vagina is off the table as the determining factor. So it’s anything goes.

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Which brings me to my point. I don’t believe Target will back away from this policy no matter how many customers leave them in protest. Why? After all, we live in the era of the forced mea culpa. Just recently GAP apologized publicly for an advertisement showing a white child leaning on the head of a shorter black child. This was somehow considered “racist.” But the left is in the business of demanding apologies, not issuing them. Ashes and sackcloth are reserved for those who hurt the feelings of a protected group – because feelings are the foundation of their reality. If their feelings are not protected and affirmed, their worldview cannot stand.

So Target will not back down. Because if feelings do not create reality for the transgendered, they also cannot do so for those who redefine marriage, gender and sexuality in other ways. As a result, LGBT activists will go to the mat over this one, and Target, as one of their supporters, will too. Because in the end, when the facts are not on your side, you must maintain the fiction on which your beliefs are built at all cost.


Larry Farlow

Larry is a native of the Atlanta area were he lives with his wife and three children. He works as a project manager in the telecommunications industry and serves as an elder and Bible study teacher in his local church. Larry enjoys reading and writing about theology, history, politics and culture. You can read more of his work at www.larryfarlow.com.

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