Is Target Seeking a Compromise on Transgender Restrooms?

We all know what happened with Target back in April. Many thought that it was horrifying that their wife and daughters might have to share a restroom with a man. They felt so strongly about the issue that they decided to discontinue shopping at the store.

As I reported, the company saw huge losses. It seemed undeterred, but there is a chance that the boycott has had the desired effect.

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Christian News reports

The national retail chain Target has announced that it plans to spend $20 million in adding single-stall restrooms to stores without the option in an effort to quell opposition to its policy on transgender use of bathrooms and changing rooms.

“Some of our guests clearly are uncomfortable with our policy, and some are really supportive,” Target CFO Cathy Smith told reporters this week in a conference call.

The move will mean that there will now be the option of a single stall restroom. This would then provide a safe place for women who would be uncomfortable with sharing a restroom with a transgender male.

This seems to be the sign of Target giving in a little to the pressure. The loss of business could well have instigated this move. But, it may be too little, too late.

Christian News continues

But AFA (American Family Association) says that the concept doesn’t solve the problem as it only forces those who are uncomfortable with using the restroom with someone of the opposite sex to be constrained to the single stall restroom. AFA believes it should be the other way around.

“If the majority feel uncomfortable, they will have to go into the single-stall bathroom,” said spokeman Walker Wildman. “Transgender individuals should have to use the single-stall if they feel uncomfortable using the facilities assigned on their birth certificate.”

Now the question remains; will this compromise lure those who signed the boycott back to Target? If not, will the store abandon their policy altogether?

Time will tell.

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