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Talk Show Host Warns of Civil War Should Trump Be “Taken Out”

The unhinged behavior of radical leftists across the nation has one radio host concerned for the possibility of Trump taking a tumble in the not-so-distant future.

Author and radio personality Michael Savage has had his finger on the American political pulse for decades, but something in recent years has him spooked:  The dire divisiveness of the nation.  During his show on Friday, that worry spilled over into a diatribe by Savage in which he declared that our nation could very well face a Civil War of sorts should the radical left be successful in their quest to oust the President prematurely.

“If the left succeeds in its effort to remove President Trump from office or renders him virtually powerless, America’s working class – the ‘Eddies and Ediths’ – will revolt, warned author and nationally syndicated talk-radio host Michael Savage.

“Referring to a 1939 novel, Savage told his listeners Friday that ‘The Day of the Locust’  will come and people will ‘resort to mob violence’ when they ‘are finally aware of the fact that they’ve been tricked by their society, and that no matter how hard they work as middle class people’ they are denied.

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“’That is what’s going to happen in this country,’ Savage said. ‘You have not yet seen mob violence in this country. You’ve seen some mob violence instigated by George Soros’ mobs. … But you haven’t seen the thing I’m telling you is coming in this country. You haven’t seen the ‘Day of the Locust’ yet.’

“’The Day of the Locust’ is a 1939 novel by Nathanael West that features an artist from Yale who comes to Hollywood and creates a painting called ‘The Burning of Los Angeles.’  The painting captures the despair of Americans who worked and saved their entire lives but failed to realize the American dream, prompting anger that boils over into destruction and mob rule.”

Savage’s assertions come as no surprise to many conservatives, who have been witness to increased discrimination by the left in recent months, due in no small part to the polarizing effects of Donald Trump’s no nonsense governing.

Just weeks ago, the first shots of this New Civil War were fired by James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who opened fire on a baseball field full of GOP congressmen in a failed attempt at a mass assassination.  Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, who was the most severely injured of the victims, finally left the hospital just days ago.


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