“Taking A Knee” is The Trendy New Hotness in Hollywood

The liberal “resistance” to Donald Trump has long been a mainstay of the mainstream, including among the leftist shills of the Hollywood hills.

From the moment that Trump announced his candidacy for President, Tinsel Town was scoffing, rolling their eyes, and otherwise writing off the anti-establishment candidate as nothing more than a sideshow performer to Hillary Clinton’s supposed coronation.

While these ultra wealthy wannabe influencers couldn’t have been any more wrong, that hasn’t stopped them from pretending that Trump’s election was some sort of personal injustice to them.  A number of bozos and bimbos from Southern California reneged on their threats to move out of the country after The Donald decimation of democratic diva Clinton, choosing instead to stay behind and “fight” against what they are labeling as some sort of political injustice.

Now that mainstream America has stolen the idea of “taking a knee” from the Black Lives Matter anti-police terrorism syndicate, Hollywood was quick to join in on the fun, with a number of performers taking to social media to make a name for themselves during this trendy new “protest”.

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If you remember the briefly successful X Files television program, you may remember David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  If not, they too have joined the ranks of the liberal “resistance”, using their own knees to remind people that they have returned to the previously canceled program as their careers floundered without it.

“Actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, stars of the popular sci-fi series The X-Files, took a knee in protest while on the set of their show this week in the latest example of how the NFL’s ongoing National Anthem protests have spilled over into the entertainment world.

“In a photograph posted to Anderson’s Twitter account Monday night, the two longtime co-stars are pictured kneeling on the ground while linking arms.

“The photo is captioned simply: ‘#TheXFiles #TakeAKnee.’”

Anderson and Duchovny weren’t the only celebrities to cash in on the trend either.

“Musicians Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams each took a knee during recent concerts, while Latin pop star Marc Anthony blasted the president on social media Monday evening, telling him to ‘shut the f*ck up’ about the NFL.

“Meanwhile, on the film and television side, a photograph of the cast of CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery posing while taking their knees promptly went viral Monday, while actors Chadwick Boseman and Sterling K. Brown, stars of an upcoming biopic about Thurgood Marshall, expressed support for the protesters in a Monday interview with the Associated Press.”

Americans, however, have displayed their distaste for the dimwitted protests as a whole, roundly rejecting the NFL and its overpaid man-children both by tuning out and by overwhelmingly lambasting the nonsensical actions on social media.


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