Syrian Conflict to Escalate

With so many international players with different goals, it would seem impossible not to have difficulties. This side wants this outcome in Syria. This side wants that to happen in Syria. For the past several years, the U.S. has been able to hold a loosely associated and maddeningly ineffective international coalition together. Their stated goal was the defeat of ISIS.

Recently, this coalition has shown itself both inept and undecided. The insertion of the Russian military into the conflict has caused more than concern. This concern may have members of the coalition more than ready to step up the stakes.

Business Insider reports that the Saudi Arabian military has announced its willingness to send ground troops into Syria to face ISIS. This would be a step up from its previous support for air strikes. It seems that the Saudis are getting impatient, but not just with ISIS, but with the Iranian-backed Militia supporting Hezbollah and Assad.

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But, this seems to be unlikely to happen anytime soon. There has been no indication that the U.S. has any intention to send or support ground forces in Syria. But this has not stopped the Saudis from pushing for this action. And it seems that they might not be alone.

RT is reporting that Russia has accused Turkey of preparing for an invasion of Syria. Though this accusation has been denied by Turkey, there are signs this might be true. Turkey’s Prime Minister stated that Turkey was “committed to repaying its historic debt.”

In referring to the besieged militants in Aleppo, PM Ahmet Davutoglu told the Party of Justice and Development

“We will return our historic debt. At one time, our brothers from Aleppo defended our cities of Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, now we will defend the heroic Aleppo. All of Turkey stands behind its defenders,”

If the PM’s words can be taken literally, then this could mean war between Turkey and Russia and her allies.

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