drain the swamp

Swamp Not Quite Drained, But Lincoln Memorial Pool Gets Emptied, Cleaned

There are plenty of jokes to be made about the filth, the swamp, and the parasites of Washington D.C., but this week, there was a little more truth than usual in those quips.

Donald Trump came barreling into the Oval Office on a mission:  To make America great again by any means possible.  As a political outsider, Trump could envision the American dream in ways that are long gone from the Washington power structure and the elitists that prevail in the capital.  His battlecry for reform was “drain the swamp”, an allusion to the massively fraudulent, dirty and grimy tactics of these Beltway lifers.

While that has proved to be a difficult task for the unconventional President, another draining of muck has occurred in Washington this week, after the death of 80 ducklings at the reflecting pool of the National Mall.

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“The National Park Service announced on Friday that the reflecting pool in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial will be drained and cleaned following the death of about 80 duckling from a parasite that grows on snails.

“’Chemical treatments can’t kill the parasites and snails, so the Reflecting Pool must be drained and cleaned, according to an NPS statement obtained by the Washington Post,’ the Hill reported.

“The park service is expected to start draining the pool today and it’s expected to be refilled beginning on June 16.

“’The pool draining follows a May project by the Architect of the Capitol, in conjunction with nonprofit City Wildlife, to build a ‘duck ramp’ to help ducklings go in and out of the Capitol’s reflecting pool,’ the Hill reported.”

So, while the Deep State and leftist organizations continue to wreak havoc on the Trump presidency and the Commander in Chief’s plan to obliterate the stagnant, brackish waters of the Washington swamp, we know that at least one body of water in the shadow of the capital has been cleansed.

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