Steele Dossier

As Suspected, Steele Dossier Rears Ugly Head in FBI Memo Massacre

While the full ramifications of the release of the so-called FISA memo are still hours or days away from being realized, one of the democrats’ worst nightmares has come true.

The memo has been the talk of the town in Washington D.C. over the course of the last week, with a deep partisan divide now appearing downright cavernous.  The memo, which was just released to the public, after congress earlier today, details the “evidence” used in order to secretly surveil members of the Donald Trump administration.  The issue, of course, is that one such piece of “evidence” used was already known to be tainted and marginal.

Of course, we are talking about the Steele Dossier, a document bought and paid for with the dirty money of career criminal Hillary Clinton in hopes of gleaning any information that would have left her with a prayer in the 2016 election.

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In this farce of a dossier, Clinton gets her “magic bullet” in the form of a tall tale regarding Russian prostitutes committing unsanitary acts on and around Donald Trump, and the Kremlin using this information to blackmail the then-candidate.  This farfetched fiction was found to be from unverifiable sources, thereby nullifying its veracity, but not before CNN, Buzzfeed and others published the findings as “news”.

Secondly, after careful review it was found that the allegations made in the document were nothing more than retellings of decades-old Wall Street Journal pieces, further discrediting the drivel.

Now, despite all of that, it looks as though the FBI stuck with that story in order to produce warrants for spying on Americans.

“The memo, which has been at the center of an intense power struggle between congressional Republicans, specifically cites the DOJ and FBI’s surveillance of onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, saying the dossier ‘formed an essential part’ of the application to spy on him.

“Republicans have charged that the FBI used the dubious dossier, initially prepared as campaign opposition research for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, to get permission from a secret federal court to eavesdrop on Trump campaign and transition team communications.

“The memo pointed out that in December 2017, then FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe testified that ‘no surveillance warrant would have been sought’ from the FISA court ‘without the Steele dossier information.’

“The memo also shows that Steele was eventually cut off from the FBI for being chatty with the media. It says he was terminated in October 2016 as an FBI source ‘for what the FBI defines as the most serious of violations—an unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI.’”

Now, with egg on their face in the shape of Russia, how could the FBI possibly proceed with their investigations into this nonsense?

For months the left has ignored the bright red writing on the wall that screams “THERE WAS NO COLLUSION!”.  Furthermore, their preemptive attempts to discredit the memo during the pre-release hours only acted to validate the forthcoming disclosure in the eyes of the American people.


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