Susan Rice

Susan Rice Sides with North Korea in Latest Row Over Kim’s Atomic Ambitions

The liberal “resistance” to Donald Trump has taken one of its most bizarre turns yet, as ex-Obama security advisor Susan Rice let fly a wildly irresponsible idea.

In the months since President Trump was inaugurated, the left has been working overtime to attempt to discredit the Commander in Chief – a dangerous proposition in and of itself.  Much of this so-called “resistance” has focused on personal bits regarding Trump, including the left’s absurd insistence that the President is some sort of supreme bigot and xenophobe.

Lately, however, the “resistance” has become a bit more anarchic and desperate, attacking Trump’s policy initiatives and defying The Donald at every possible political turn.  In the latest international row between North Korea and the United States, however, nearly all are in agreement that Trump will need to act before the U.S. catches a nuke screaming across the Pacific.

Nearly all.

“Former President Barack Obama’s National Security adviser, Susan Rice, wants President Donald Trump to accept North Korea as a nuclear power.

“’History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War,’ she wrote in a New York Times op-ed, criticizing the president’s ‘fire and fury’ rhetoric in response to the escalating tensions between the two countries.

“Rice complained that Trump’s rhetoric was “unprecedented and especially dangerous” and that America would have to be cautious about its response to Pyongyang.

“She defended Obama’s actions in response to North Korea, insisting that his administration put them ‘on edge’ by conducting joint military exercises with South Korea and introducing more economic sanctions.”

That is precisely what this liberal “resistance” to President Trump boils down to:  Opposing him no matter what the circumstances are.

In North Korea we have a maddeningly vile dictator hellbent on wiping the United States off of the map.  This despot has just recently, and quite mysteriously, advanced his nuclear missile technology years forward in a matter of months, and Susan Rice believes that we should allow it to continue that way.

No one, and we mean no one, can truly believe that Kim Jong Un should be allowed a nuclear arsenal except Susan Rice, and Susan Rice’s opinion is clearly nothing more than a dangerous and misguided attack on our Commander in Chief.

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