Surprise! Half of Canadians want Illegals… DEPORTED!

Those mean Americans are so rude, always trying to deport illegal immigrants back to their nations of origin! Why can’t they be nicer, like the good folks in Canada?

Surprise! It seems that Americans and Canadians have more in common than our border and a love of donuts. Americans and Canadians both believe that illegal immigration is a detriment to society, to the criminal justice system, and to our national health.

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Nearly half of Canadians want more illegal immigrants deported from their country, in part because of safety concerns, a March survey found.

Some 48 percent of Canadians said they support “increasing the deportation of people living in Canada illegally,” in the Reuters/Ipsos survey, and nearly half said those crossing into their country from the U.S. should be sent back. The numbers in support of stronger immigration enforcement are similar to those in the U.S., where half the adults surveyed in a separate poll also said they want more illegal immigrants deported.

The same number of those responding to the poll said that the illegals currently crossing in to Canada to escape the American government’s crackdown should be sent back to the United States to face justice there. Interestingly, the poll found that American and Canadian sentiment are almost completely in lockstep with each other, as a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 50% of Americans supported increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants.

When asked specifically about the recent border crossings from the United States, the same number – 48 percent – said Canada should “send these migrants back to the U.S.” Another 36 percent said Canada should “accept these migrants” and let them seek refugee status. 

In the United States, where President Donald Trump was elected partly on his promise to boost deportations, 50 percent of adults supported “increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants,” according to a separate Reuters/Ipsos poll that was conducted during the same week in the United States.

It’s not just that nearly half of Canadians want more illegals deported, some 40% of respondents believe that illegal immigration is dangerous and making the nation “less safe.”

So 50% of Americans believe we should be deporting more illegals, and 48% of Canadians believe we should be deporting more illegals too.

Greg Janzen is a local leader in a Manitoba border town who captured the mood of his neighbors by cutting straight to the point. “There are so many people in the world who want to come in and go through the right channels. That’s what’s pissing most people off. These guys are jumping the border.” Janet Dench is the executive director of the Canadian Council for Refugees and she articulated a point that most conservatives have been making for several years now, “Refugees are much more welcomed when we have gone and selected them ourselves as a country, as opposed to refugees who have chosen us.”

You can see the full data from the poll here and you can see more of their graphics here.

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Read the Rest of the analysis from the Reuters/Ipsos poll here.


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