Surprise! The FBI was Monitoring Russia’s Attempts To Get Cozy with Hillary Clinton

As much as the developing Uranium scandal points to Hillary Clinton trading in the security of the United States for family enrichment, the latest development from The Hill indicates that the FBI may have known Russia was trying to influence Hillary Clinton as soon as she arrived at Foggy Bottom.

Per the latest revelation, as soon as Hillary Clinton settled down in her new Foggy Bottom office, the FBI watched as Putin’s minions “unleashed an influence campaign designed to win access to the new secretary of State, her husband Bill Clinton and members of their inner circle, according to interviews and once-sealed FBI records.”

Some of Putin’s efforts were on the up and up, and some of it took the form off illegal espionage:

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A female Russian spy posing as an American accountant, for instance, used a false identity to burrow her way into the employ of a major Democratic donor in hopes of gaining intelligence on Hillary Clinton’s department, records show. The spy was arrested and deported as she moved closer to getting inside the secretary’s department, agents said.

Russia hired a perfectly legitimate lobbying firm to help with influencing the Clintons. They just happened to pick a firm that was providing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in free work to Bill Clinton’s global charitable initiative, and it helped the Russian company legally influence federal decisions that led to billions in new U.S.  nuclear business.

Agents were surprised by the timing and size of a $500,000 check that a Kremlin-linked bank provided Bill Clinton with for a single speech in the summer of 2010. The payday came just weeks after Hillary Clinton helped arrange for American executives to travel to Moscow to support Putin’s efforts to build his own country’s version of Silicon Valley, agents said.

Called “Skolkovo” and located near Moscow, it housed technology for developing bio-med, space, nuclear and IT technologies.

According to a report by Peter Schweizer presented in a WSJ piece published on the last day of July 2016 (and released in a report called “From Russia With Money,”) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton oversaw “a major technology transfer initiative” that “may have substantially undermined U.S. national security.” At the time the program was being implemented the FBI warned that Russia purpose in participating in the initiative was to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the is to gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the companies. In fact, the U.S. Army said the project was simply a “vehicle for worldwide technology transfer to Russia.”

Coincidentally (if you believe in coincidences) the Clinton Family enriched themselves out of the deal

There is no evidence in any of the public records that the FBI believed that the Clintons or anyone close to them did anything illegal. But there’s definitive evidence the Russians were seeking their influence with a specific eye on the State Department.

“There is not one shred of doubt from the evidence that we had that the Russians had set their sights on Hillary Clinton’s circle, because she was the quarterback of the Obama-Russian reset strategy and the assumed successor to Obama as president,” said a source familiar with the FBI’s evidence at the time, speaking only on condition of anonymity, because he was not authorized to speak to the news media.

That source pointed to an October 2009 communication intercepted by the FBI in which Russian handlers instructed two of their spies specifically to gather nonpublic information on the State Department.

“Send more info on current international affairs vital for R., highlight US approach,” part of the message to the spies read, using the country’s first initial to refer to Russia. “… Try to single out tidbits unknown publicly but revealed in private by sources closer to State Department, government, major think tanks.”

Also at the time, the Russians observed the new “family businesses” run by former POTUS Bubba, the multimillion-dollar speech-making business, the Clinton family foundation and the Global Charitable Initiative, and saw it as a way try and get to the new Secretary of State.

“In the end, some of this just comes down to what it always does in Washington: donations, lobbying, contracts, and influence — even for Russia,” said Frank Figliuzzi, the former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence.

Figliuzzi supervised the post-arrest declassification and release of records from a 10-year operation that unmasked a major Russian spy ring in 2010. It was one of the most important U.S. counterintelligence victories against Russia in history.

Part of that ring was a  Russian woman posing as an accountant living in New Jersey named Cynthia Murphy. According to FBI  records and interviews, Murphy was closing in on accessing the Hillary Clinton-run State Department…


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